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    Early Intervention Can Change A Child’s Life
    Gennie Tucker, BCBA, LCSW is the parent of a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is passionate about providing quality support to parents to help them navigate treatment and services and improve confidence in parenting skills and decision making.
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    Helping children meet their full potential faster
    AIM focuses on the unique challenges for children with ASD and empowering real progress toward hopes and dreams. We are committed to helping you and your child. We offer compassionate care that delivers results so your child can live his or her best life.
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    Putting your child first
    ABA therapy aims to create and foster independence by educating parents on the behavior principles and strategies used during their child's therapeutic sessions. This empowers parents by expanding their understanding of ASD and giving them the skillset to apply these principles on their own, which in turn maximizes the positive impact that can be made with their child.

Why choose AIM?

At Autism In Motion (AIM), we strive to provide individually tailored, high quality, evidenced based treatment to each of our clients.

At AIM, we are able to offer you the flexibility, loyalty, and dedication that can only come from a family owned and operated business. We hold your hand every step of the way from when your child is first diagnosed with ASD, to working with your physician to order ABA services, creating a treatment plan, working with your insurance carrier to obtain approval for ABA services, to attending team/IEP meetings at your child's school.

We go above and beyond to help your child develop so they can lead a healthy, happy, and productive life.


What Customers Say


"Having AIM in my corner while raising my son with High Functioning Autism has changed my life. I finally feel like I have support, understanding, and hope. I can’t put into words how amazing AIM is."

Laken C.

"Gennie is very kind, but firm, and it is easy to mirror her techniques, keeping consistency for my children. We are thankful and proud to be part of the AIM family."

Robyn R.

"AIM is the best company I have gone through for ABA therapy. The BCBA has been there step by step, and has always listened to our concerns. The techs are great and have helped our child learn and grow. We love AIM!!"

Niki K.
AIM - Autism In Motion